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How often do you hear about a couple looking finalizing last kid off to college, making plans for early retirement and then unfortunately the wife gets some thing like cancer or the husband has a heart attack? Fortunately for most, the transition is not so traumatic. Not every one has a heart attack or gets cancer. When they are ready to retire, still lots of changes occur at this point; and your life that must be addressed, there you are ready to exhale, to reclaim, or may be start a new life. Instead you start sweating in the middle of the night and find that you can no longer deal with the simplest of problems. Overnight you become a human blimp. Your sex drive is gone, and your bones ache so much you just as soon, stay in bed pull the covers over your head.
What is going on there? It is a dirty trick. Mother Nature has just played on us. Our job is done. We have a accomplished our goal. We reproduce our self. We ensure the propagation of species. So mother nature will now proceed to get rid of us. She ruthlessly removes the high-octane fuel; our hormones that protect us from harm and kept us healthy when were useful. Removal of the hormones results in one main thing that is ageing. When we age, we have heart problems; get cancer; have strokes; are beset with chronic illness; and are stooped over with thinning, brittle bones, failing eye sight, and waning memory. So what is the main difference between those who are useful and those who are ageing? That is right. You have it. It is hormones. If you are youthful and useful according to mother nature you are brimming with hormones, you are pimply, you are menstruating, you are moody, your perspiration has a strong and pungent odor, and you want to have sex.
Once you have kids and they are grown, you are no longer useful and your hormones depart. The dwindling hormone levels cause you to get depressed and bloated. Sex becomes a chore, and your skin starts to sag. Even plastic surgery can not hide. Then one day you are gone. As long as you are young and have the potential to have babies, estgrogen, progesterone, and testosterone will protect you. Ovaries, testes, and adrenals wil produce large quantities of hormones; and when you are done having babies and they have grown up and can physically take care of themselves, you are no longer needed. So hormone production just turns off. Your body will betray you and you will get old. It sounds pretty depressing but never fear. All of that is just theoretical and physiology; and it does not have to apply to our generation any longer. After all, we can put a man on the moon and connect the world via the internet.
Certainly, we can fool Mother nature and extend our existence by replenishing our hormones into old age. We can delay our ageing process. We do not have to feel horrible just because we are getting older. If we just supplement our hormones, we can prevent our decline for a long time. We simply have to be careful what kinds of hormones are used. Synthetic replacements are not as effective as natural hormones. On the other hand they haddeleterious side effects while natural hormones help in defying ageing, feeling & looking young at 60, 70 even 80.
What is Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Medicine?

Many think of it as "Anti-Wrinkle Medicine".

Actually, Anti-Aging Medicine is the evolution of Medicine.

Anti-Aging Medicine utilizes a whole-body approach to medical care.

It seeks to address potential problems before they arise, but also treats existing problems.

It uses a combination of healthy lifestyle practices and allopathic medical therapies.

This allows the body to maintain and heal itself, in order to remain healthy and prevent illness, improving the quality of our lives.

Are you on a quest for anti-aging remedies?

Is there such a thing, a magic pill or a secret solution?

Yes, the search for magic pills, the age control genes and the secret remedies continues hotly pursued in the world of research.

Yes, there is a growing body of evidence that the human life span can be extended, with some Japanese Okinawans living upwards of 120.

Take yourself for a moment to age 50.

You have the rest and the best of your life in front of you.

How do you want to live these years? 

The basis of our current medical standard is the treatment of existing disease.

If you have high blood pressure, you can take a pill.

If you have a heart attack, you can get a bypass.

If you have cancer, you can get chemotherapy.

But once the bypass is complete and once the cancer is removed, you are still left with the underlying imbalances that allowed the plaque or the cancer to develop in the first place.

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