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Heavy Metal Toxicity
Why is there a need for environmental medicine here?
Environmental illnesses are escalating because humans cannot adapt to our new chemical environment and are further compromised by the devitalized food sources available. These illnesses, like the processes leading to the crisis of heart attack, take many years to develop. Consistent carefully planned treatment can reverse the effects of the illness and restore health.
Our environment's dangers have weakened our liver, digestive and immune systems. Environmental factors can lead to disease and chronic conditions of fatigue, headaches, sleep disorder, mood swings, depression, confusion, body pain - the symptoms are endless.
Chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, poisons, and pollutants of all types enter the food chain through water, soil, and air, water being our chief food.
In our Center, we use a broad range of techniques to understand the patient's distress and to help the body strengthen itself to cope successfully with the environment and disease.
Today, more and more people are choosing a style of medicine that defines root problems and eliminates toxins rather than one that settles for pharmaceutical medications as a solution to their illness and disease. While prescription drugs have a place in medicine, astute patients understand that most of these substances are not designed to cure. They recognize symptoms can have a direct relationship to the toxic environment around us, including synthetic medications. They realize that drugs can mask symptoms
Heavy Metals Toxicity and Symptoms
"These metals, when absorbed into the body, may damage cell structures, impair enzyme function, or alter genetic material DNA, causing cancer or birth defects. If these metals happen to alter DNA in germ cells, the changes (mutations) become hereditary. When combined with organic compounds, these metals may be absorbed more rapidly and may damage body tissues even more." they are
Aluminum, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel
Aluminum Possible Side Effects Aluminum Possible Sources
Headaches Some Antacids
Cognitive Problems Cookware and Foil
Learning Disabilities Some Antiperspirants
Poor Bone Density Baking Powders
Ringing in the Ears Contaminated Water
Gastrointestinal Disorders Many Over - The Counter Drugs
Colic a) Amphojel, b) Maalox c) Mylanta 
Hyperactivity in Children d) Gelusil e) Arthritis Pain Formula f) Bufferin
Ataxia h) Massengil
Cadmium Possible Side Effects Cadmium Possible Sources
Fatigue Cigarette / Pipe Smoke
Irritability Instant Coffee and Tea
Headaches Nickel-Cadmium Batteries
High Blood Pressure Contaminated Water
Benign Enlargement of Prostate Some Soft Drinks
Increased Risk For Cancer Refined Grains
Hair Loss Fungicides
Learning Disabilities Pesticides
  Kidney Disorders Some Plastics
Skin Disorders
Painful Joints
Decreased Immune Functioning 
Lead Possible Side Effects Lead Possible Sources
Constipation Ceramic Lead Glazed Cookware
Decreased Cognitive Functioning Certain Bonemeal Supplements
Decreased General Immune Function Cigarette Smoke
Fatigue Contaminated Water / Water Pipes
Gastrointestinal Problems Eating Lead Based Paint
Headaches Eating Liver
High Blood Pressure Foods in Lead Soldered Cans
Increased Susceptibility to Infection Inner City Living
Irritability Insecticides
Learning Disabilities Leaded Gasoline
Muscle and Joint Pain
Poor Bone Growth and Development
Poor Task Performance
Ringing in Ears
Weight Loss
Mercury Possible Side Effects Mercury Possible Sources
Cognitive Problems Mercury Dental Amalgams
Memory Problems Laxatives (Contains Calomel)
Irritability Some Hemorrhoid Suppositories
Fatigue Some inks by Printers / Tatooers
Insomnia Some Paint
Gastrointestinal Disorders Some Cosmetics
Decreased Immune Response Fabric Softeners
Irrational Behavior Wood Preservatives
Numbness Solvents
Tingling Some Drugs
Muscular Weakness Some Plastics Including Dental
Impaired Vision and Hearing Fish
Allergic Conditions
MS Related to Dental Fillings
Nickel Possible Side Effects Nickel Possible Sources
Fatigue Jewelry
Respiratory Illnesses Some Metal Cooking Utensils
Heart Conditions Stainless Steel with Acid Foods
Skin Rashes Cigarette Smoke
Psoriasis Hydrogenated Fat
Headaches  Some Refined Foods
Fertilizers Contain Nickel

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