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Medical Weight Loss
Medical Weight Loss New Patient Information

Gaining Weight.
Despite Repeated ...
Attempts At Dieting ?...
Sustainable Weight Loss
Dr. Saxena Center is committed to providing services that promote optimal health and well being. We always knew that many of our patients would benefit from a structured weight loss program, but had been unable to find one that truly supports long term health, hormone balance, and honest results that respect the needs of the body. Most weight loss programs don't work with the body's natural state of balance, but rather force it into a state that does not support total health and vitality. That is why they rarely work in the long run. We are pleased to say that we have found a true weight loss program that is scientific and that genuinely respects the unique needs of the body, and that offers phenomenal weight loss results.
Dr. Saxena Center utilizes what we feel is the optimal weight loss system. The focus is on losing fat and inches, while protecting muscle mass. If a weight loss program focuses solely on weight loss, and allows for the body to lose muscle, then you are likely to replace that muscle with fat in the long run, which is why 99% of diet programs on the market today will never work. 
One of the many positive attributes of Dr. Saxena protocol is that you continue to eat regular foods. You donít buy or eat pre-packaged, over-processed, bland meals. The programs that employ these types of foods are inevitably setting you up for failure since you cannot stay on them forever and they also go against our belief that the body thrives when eating a healthy diet with the least possible amount of processed foods.
Our program does not utilize popular weight loss methods that are not sustainable over the long run or that can have a negative impact on your health, such as low or zero carb diets It teaches you healthy eating habits and helps you truly understand the impact of the types and amounts of foods you put into your body.
Any weight loss program should be monitored by a physician. This philosophy is reflected in the commitment of the Dr. Saxena Center to only be offered through a doctor's office.
What is the Basis for Our Weight Loss Program
There are two basic stages of the program
  The weight loss phase which helps you to eliminate foods that are common allergens and that disrupt hormone balance and cause weight gain. You are provided a list of foods which you can eat while on the program. This list contains many of the foods you have in your kitchen today.
During this phase you will also learn about proper food portioning which will help you maintain your weight loss after you reach your goal. While in this phase you are also receiving proper nutritional support through nutritional supplements. Dr. Saxena has gone the extra mile by researching and adding additional natural products which are research based and will help to increase your weight loss naturally without the use of any harmful stimulants or artificial means.
  The maintenance phase helps you transition out of the program while still focusing on some of the principals which you want to incorporate into your daily life. The goal of this program is not to simply lose weight but to KEEP it off. The constant yo-yo of losing and gaining weight that many people experience with other diet programs is not only difficult to deal with psychologically, but it can also be extremely unhealthy. When you lose weight and then put it back on, fat often replaces healthy muscle and puts a strain on your body which can have long term negative health effects.
Each phase is accomplished in 5 week periods. Some people only need one 5 week period of each phase to reach their goal. The number of periods you need will depend on your goal, your individual body composition, and other factors unique to you. We will work with you every step of the way to help you reach your goal at a realistic and healthy pace.
Lose only fat while protecting the muscle you have.
Lose the fat by eating normal foods which helps you learn how to eat after the program is over to sustain the weight loss over time.
Uncover food allergies since one food allergy can cause you to put back on much of the fat you lost.
Support the weak links in your body's health to help you maintain your weight loss for the years to come.
Healthier Outlook on Life.
Healthier Looking Skin.
Lower Cholesterol.
Increased Energy.
Less "Brain Fog".
Elevated Mood.
Reduce or Eliminate Blood Sugar Issues.
Remove Stored Toxins.
Other Benefits
Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-aging.
Regenerated Cells. Tissues and Organs.
Vast improvement in the immune system against diseases.
Vast improvements in alertness and mentality.
Finer skin texture and a more even toned color.
Improvement in skin elasticity, thickness reduction of wrinkles lightening of  facial pigmentation, refining of facial pores and glowness to your skin.
Deeper and relaxing sleep.
Enhancement in Stamina and energy level without feeling tired easily.
Boost up of Sex Drive and Potency with endurance and vitality.
Reduction in pre-menopause syndrome and a delay in Menopause, an indication of aging.
Decrease in pre menstual tension and related feminine problems.

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