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New Patient Information
New Patient Information Medical Weight Loss
If you want to work with us - work with us with a goal to lose 8 to 15 kgs over the next 40 days, and then to follow this weight loss with a new approach to your personal health, then we want to help you. If you make the commitment so will we. please review the following information to determine how we can best meet your needs.
Pathways to Weight Control
Uncomplicated Overweight
If you are above a healthful or desired weight, and you are not on medications to deal with complicating issues (diabetes, hypertension, fluid retention, etc.), then treating you will be easy and straight forward. Our standard eight week program will involve two physician visits, five counseling sessions, educational materials, and a 1 month medicine . If you wish to carry out a second round of course assisted weight loss, then you can re-enroll in the program (with a lower fee as you will need less counseling with the second round of treatment). If you decide to work with us on weight control maintenance, than you will be charged on a per visit basis. If you have not had kidney and liver function tests and a CBC in the past 6-12 months then these studies will be requested (and likely will be covered by your insurer). 
Complicated Overweight
If you are overweight and are on medication to deal with the consequences of overweight, then your care will be a little more complicated and more medical work for us. You will need four as opposed to the usual two physician visits, and additional lab monitoring will be needed. It will be necessary for Dr.Saxena to adjust your medications, and this must be OK with the other doctors participating in your care. Dr. Saxena will communicate in writing to your other providers, and when you have completed your work with us he will recommend follow up with your physician (your medication needs may continue to change as you health continues to improve - your personal doctor will need to be in the loop and on top of this). We will need health records and prior lab studies (preferably before your first visit - this will save us both a step). The more we know about you, the more that we can get done in an expeditious but safe fashion.
Overweight with Advanced Disease or Heart Disease
If you are chronically ill or have known heart disease, then you have the most to gain from working with us (look in the case studies section and plug yourself in to the patient profiles). However, assisting you in this process, not just to lose weight, but to deal with your other health concerns, will be more of a challenge. In this situation, you should see Dr. Saxena as a standard Comprehensive Heart Care patient, and then enter our weight loss program as a patient in our practice. In this situation, your office fees should be covered by your insurer (we are focusing on disease states, not weight loss), while your weight loss fees will be out of pocket. Dr. Saxena will basically take control of your medications (pertinent to weight and heart related conditions and risk factors) but will keep your other doctors informed with periodic written reports. If you are working with another cardiologist, then we can help you, but only with the enthusiastic consent and cooperation of this physician, and an OK for Dr Saxena to make necessary changes in your medical program (we may need to change your meds rapidly - we can't call and ask with each adjustment). If your work with us is not greeted with enthusiasm by your other physicians, then working with us is not in your best interest nor in ours. 
Post-Weight Loss Health Optimization
For you, weight loss is probably the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health, but there is no reason to stop there. This medical practice is all about health optimization and disease prevention - and feeling better. Please look throught the other sections of this website. You may be interested in additional risk factor reduction, nutritional testing, detoxification, pellet bioidentical hormone replacement, or some of our newer non-invasive imaging techniques such as carotid artery intima-media thickness testing . As Dr. Saxena grows older, so does our interest in various aspects of anti-aging medicine. These methodologies, which we use ourselves, are all available to you. We have information sheets on many of these approaches. Feel free to ask for additional information.
Please note: There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes more attractive or"normal" distribution of fat, or that it decrease the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.
Pathways to Weight Control - Center for Medical Weight Loss Meal Replacement Programs
The same basic policies apply, but your fees will be related more to the quantity of meal replacements that you will require, which in turn is related to your baseline caloric needs. There will be an extra charge if your complicating health conditions require extra physician attention. If you have ongoing health concerns related to overweight and are on a number of medications, we will need your records and an OK form your other physicians to make medication adjustments as your weight falls and medication sensitivity increases.
People Who We Cannot See
We want to spend our time trying to help you. We do not want to spend time (actually waste time) dickering with naysayers, insurance companies, and other antagonistic parties. These people want us to fail. They want you to fail. Their attitude will range from aggressive non-cooperation to therapeutic sabotage. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, that we have introduced or developed a new approach to improve the health of our patients. We have learned from experience that it is unwise to try to help people when those around them do not want us to succeed in this endeavor. Thus we cannot see people who:
Are working with another physician (unless we receive a written referral and OK for Dr. Saxena to make adjustments in your medications as you lose weight - it will be your job to obtain this).
Have significant kidney disease and are under the care of a nephrologist.
Are working with a physician who is not OK with Dr. Saxena making adjustments in your meds as you lose symptoms under his guidance. 
Are working with a physician who is antagonistic to Dr.Saxena and/or his approach to health care. Ask your doctor; you will likely receive a straight forward answer.

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