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HIV Case - previous RCR test 1300 copies HIV RNA after treatment for a month with ozone & our nutritional protocol no detectable RNA copy obtained
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65 year female treated for chemo induced cardiomyopathy and in the process of our therapy of 2 months there is a substantial decrease in bonesecondaries
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"The History of Medicine shows that, as a rule, the medical world takes it own time recognizing and adjusting to new therapies as they emerge. Chelation Therapy has been no exception to this rule. 

About 15yrs ago, when I was about 60, an angiogram revealed that my right coronary was 100% blocked, and a diagonal from the left was 85% blocked. There was also a third blockage. Knowledge of Chelation Therapy was my first God sent blessing. Having the good fortune of getting to know Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena was my second God sent blessing. The combination of these two blessings has enabled me to put his contribution on his web site, and to thank God for the continued gift of a happy, healthy and a vibrantly active life" 

"Today I am 64 years old. I had a heart problem about 3 ½ years back. In the beginning I was feeling breathless and the Stress Test was not too good and had to undergo Coronary Angiography (an invasive test to see the blood supply to the heart). The angio revealed 3 blocks of which one was 95%. As per my Cardiologist I was sitting on a ticking time bomb and was advised to undergo a Bypass surgery.
Meanwhile I came to know about Chelation Therapy, where EDTA is given by intravenous drip and which is known to improve circulation all over the body. After a few treatments I found that my joint pains vanished and was no longer feeling breathless. I completed a primary course of 30 treatments. Today I work more than a normal person my age would do so. I play a little of football and can give a tough fight to any youngster at table tennis. Now I take about 5-6 sittings a year. I have also noticed that after this treatment you do not need VIAGRA tablets any more." - Mr. Mustafa
My experience / observation about Chelation Therapy
"My wife suffers from angina for last ten years. As usual, cardiologists were insisting on bypass surgery and she was about to get it done in 1999, when I came to know about Chelation Therapy. After reading some books about this and talking to a few, who had benefited by this therapy, my wife was put on this from 1999. Since then her angina is well under control and she seldom gets pain or related problems. I appreciate the expertise of Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena in performing this uncomplicated therapy in a scientific way for my wife. I have no hesitation to say that Chelation Therapy is a boon to cardiac patients, provided they adhere to the schedules prescribed and follow a healthy life style." - Mr. Kulkarni
"Six years ago I felt a constriction in my chest whilst on my morning walk. On investigation, an angiogram revealed 2 blocks - one in the right coronary (80%) and another in the left circumflex (90%). Angioplasty was performed and the (R) coronary artery was stented and Rota blading of the left circumflex was done. For two months following angioplasty I felt perfectly fit but then after I once again had pain in the chest after walking 5 Km, and subsequently over the next 6 weeks the chest pain would occur on walking shorter & shorter distances. I knew that this spelt problem and some action was necessary.
I investigated the alternative of EDTA Chelation & having interviewed 6 patients who had already taken this therapy & were doing very well for over 10 yrs, I decided to do it myself. After 10 sittings I could feel the difference and I completed a course of 40 sittings. This was 5 yrs ago and today I am fit & fine". - Mr. Veeraiah
"About 8 yrs ago, I underwent a triple Bypass surgery. A few years it did some good. About 4 years ago, I again started getting chest pains and breathlessness. I went for an angioplasty but it was unsuccessful. The options were very limited, either a second Bypass or some form of medication. My cardiologist dissuaded me from a second operation, due to my age and other conditions.
It was then, that I heard of Chelation therapy, recommended by a well-known Bombay Surgeon, who himself had reaped rich benefits from this treatment.
Since last 4 years, I have been a staunch believer of this treatment and have undergone 40 sittings. I now take a booster sitting every 2 months and feel good. I recommend this treatment at Dr. Saxena’s centre, because here each patient is individually attended to and cared for." - Mr. Sardar Jani
"Though I have not suffered from any major illness, when Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena explained to me the benefits of Chelation Therapy, I was fully convinced and decided to undergo the said treatment. I feel that every human being, after the age of 45-50, tends to have some kind of medical problem, which may have serious complications in long run.
Having gone through the treatment under the able guidance of Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena, I feel very confident about my health and hope to enjoy a longer trouble free life ahead." - Mr. Raman
"3 years ago, my mother, umadevi. had a massive Myocardial Infarct [Heart Attack] and her condition was bad. Anyway, she refused to undergo bypass surgery or any other surgical alternative. I met Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena and started Chelation Therapy. After taking 7 - 8 treatments she felt better and at the end of the course she was living almost a normal life. Now she is able to talk for hours together, which she could not do before, without breathing or other difficulties. She can walk for ½ an hour now, which previously, she couldn’t for even 2 - 3 mins. 
Now she has completed the treatment and a year has passed. She is almost normal and her E.C.G. and other reports are also within normal limits." - Mr. Srivastava
"I had severe lead poisoning caused by some adulterated bhasma medicine (medicine containing metal ash) and that is how I was introduced to chelation therapy. Although my lead levels were normal by the time I took chelation, I have been having it regularly even after completing 40 sessions because I believe it helps microcirculation, which is a foreseen problem in diabetes in the long term. I intend to continue chelation permanently because to me it is clearly preventive of cardiac and circulatory problems, especially microcirculation.
I will go to the extent of recommending chelation even as a general preventive and a way for cleaning up the toxins that enter our blood stream."- Mr. Subbaiah
"The beginning of my story is the same as usual; chest pain, doctors visits, tests, result - ANGINA. Advised Angioplasty or By-pass surgery, both did not appeal to me. So I was looking out for an alternative treatment, when a friend suggested Chelation. Not knowing a thing about it I made an appointment with Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena, so as to find out the details of this therapy. But to my utter surprise I found an eminent surgeon being treated by Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena. All my doubts for Chelation were immediately lifted. It’s now been 3 years with Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena & I have been walking for an hour and a half for 4 to 5 days a week without any pain. Thanks to Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena." 

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