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Cancer - Formation, Treatment & Prevention
There are many types of cancer and each one has it’s own profile. Cancer incidence has been growing steadily across the world. There is a fear that cancer kills and continues to kill. But, you should know that you need to know/explore as much information as possible to protect yourself from cancer and to cure it. Attention - Practice - beliefs are the most important elements in self-healilng process in addition to the judicious medication. There are a vast majority of cancer types which can be detected much early through established screening methods.
Causes of carcinogens in the body
Major Contribution: Life style which includes:
a) Diet (Chronic Nutritional Deficiencies - toxic food) micronutrients deficiency.
b) Mental activity (Mind Management) (Stress, Unrest, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Negative energy etc., cause internal radiation).
c) Physical Activity (Professional, Sexual, environmental related issues).
Minor Contribution:
a) Genetic Predisposition (DNA damage - mutations, inactive genes, virus).
b) External radiation (ELF, HFT lines, Nuclear, VLF Transmitters, VDT, HT Electricity, X-rays etc.)
Cancer formation roots
Air is being polluted heavily., drinking water is being contaminated with hazardous toxic chemicals., MSG & Pesticides levels are high in food., all these factors cause cellular destruction which results in cancer.
  Mind can be defined as conscious Brain + Application of senses, responsible for thoughts-process. Positive mental Attitude (PMA) maintains Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR) and generate an immense vibrant power which strengthens the immune system., whereas, the state of stress, unrest, erratic mind management, Depression, Negative energy will gradually cause to silence the functions of some genes & create im-balance in hormones which results in the damage of cells., the heat waves generated because of stress. Negative thinking can be equated to Electromagnetic waves and they alter the brain chemistry. The body is capable of producing a large variety of chemical compounds through brain function., the basic raw material required for making the chemical compounds in body is ‘thoughts’ which is proportionate., thus, mind management plays a key role in monitoring one’s own health
It has been thoroughly studied and observed that the women who consume more quantities of salt regularly i.e. more than 5gms per day are soft targets for breast cancer., Human breasts begin to grow in accordance to the estrogen and Progresterone hormone levels. Breast contains loose porous fatty tissue (more in sagging breast) and the Co2 stuck in mass make the cells more acidic which results in damage of the cells(s) with the help of toxins present in the body. The damaged cells, lacking proper cell-to-cell communication and due to imbalance in hormones, develop malignancy because of inactive gene(s). This cancer mass can be termed/viewed as ‘abnormal biogenic object’ like any other eukaryotic organisms.
Initiation of cancer may occur due to modification/damage of the genetic material of a cell. DNA damage is caused by a carcinogen because of Toxins (environmental, dietary, chemical, radiation) in a normal cell which later transforms into a cancerous cell. Proto-oncogene present in a damaged cell may mutate into oncogenes which accelerate proliferation (cell growth)/delayed ‘apoptosis’ (programmed cell death)., thus, cancer may form and exposing to radiation at this stage results in cancer formation.
Radiation occurs because of Electromagnetic fields which are formed around electricity transmission lines (ELF), X-Rays, exposure to Nuclear activity etc.
How electro - magnetic fields cause changes in brain chemistry!
Stage I: When a person is exposed to Extra low frequency electromagnetic fields for a prolonged period, the cell membrane release calcium bound to the protein stands.
Stage II: The released domino energy is transmitted to the cell interior in the form of radiation waves.
Stage III: Then, the cell interior reacts & inhibits intracellular enzymes, protein molecules which act as chemical catalysts & alter the chemistry.
Tumor/Cancer formation methodology
Stage I: Cancer initiation occurs when the DNA of a cell is damaged and by radiation due to prolonged exposure to ELF electromagnetic waves (either because of prolonged stress levels of mind or X-Rays or because of consumption of toxic food that promote cell damage namely ‘Phorbol Esters’ (croton oil), benzo-a-pyrene (Tobacco), Polychlorinated biphenyls, chlorinated hydro-carbons (chloroform), trichlo ethylene & tretrochloroethylene (solvents), salt in excess, xenotiormanes, xenoestrogens (poisonous chemicals) etc.
Stage - II: The damaged cell(s) undergo mutation, create daughter cells and pass-on its damaged DNA., unregulated growth starts because of failure in cell-to-cell communication system.
Stage-III: This phase in carcinogenesis is cancer promotion, with formation of tumor sometimes. Formation of new blood vessels are formed i.e. angiogenesis, to feed the tumor(s) and cause to support spreading of the cancerous cells to other part(s) of the body i.e. metastasis stage.
Available Treatment Options
I Conventional Treatment by Oncologists
a) Chemotherapy (toxic in nature, side effects are more) (POISON)
b) Surgery (it may increase tumor cell adhesion & still threat persists).(CUT)
c) Radiation (it kills cancer cells & other healthy cells also., cause weak immunity, radiation sickness & alarming side effects).(SLASH).
Hormone Therapy
These cancer treatments are controversial as they deteriorate the quality of life of a cancer patient and does not make much difference in the cancer threat. Traditionally it has been thought that DNA damage leading to cell necrosis is the way radiation and chemotherapy kill cancers. More recently evidence suggests, however, that damage of a lesser severity, perhaps to cell membranes by lipid peroxidation, arrests mitosis and initiates apoptosis. Since many antioxidant treatments stimulate apoptotic pathways, such an effect might override any potential antagonism. This effect is likely to be further enhanced by an intrinsic deficit in malignant cell repair mechanisms. A dramatic deficiency of catalase has been identified in many cancers. When cells with this deficiency are treated with vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide accumulates, and the cells die.
II. Alternate medical treatment
a) Detox (remove toxins)
b) Natural enzymatic therapy (like chemotherapy only but kills only cancer cells) Among the proteolytic enzymes of interest to oncology, trypsin and chymotrypsin from cattle or pigs, papain from papaya sap, and bromelain from pineapple stems are the most studied. Bromelain contains nine active proteases. They reduce the adverse effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy and, prolong survival. One study of patients with inoperable lung cancer treated with fluorouracil, vinblastine, methotrexate and cyclophosphamide found a reduction in leukopenia, mucusitis and uremia in patients who received in addition a combination of papain, trypsin and chymotrypsin. The mean survival also increased by 25%.
c) Protein - Anti-oxidants - bio-medical hormone therapy.
d) Nutritional therapy & antineoplastons (bio-active peptides). Curcumin (diferuloylmethane), a polyphenol derived from the turmeric plant, is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. During 50 years of research it has shown an ability to suppress initiation, proliferation and metastasis of a wide variety of tumor cell lines.
e) Natural Anti-biotics and radiation removers, like colloidal silver.
f) Ozone therapy, PRIME Cause of Cancer Is Hypoxia When a cell chronically cannot get enough oxygen, it will revert to fermentation as a backup in order to survive. It becomes surrounded by its waste, lactic acid, and as that increases, T-cells and macrophages passing the area interpret the acidity as 'damage' requiring replacement of damaged cells, and so they secrete enzyme growth factors, which stimulates the fermenting cell into making copies of itself. More lactic acid is produced by more fermenting cells, followed by more enzyme growth factors, resulting in more cell replication, in a vicious circle.
Cancer - ozone effect
Tumours prefer a hypoxic environment , produce angiopoietins & promote neoangiogenesis & thus tumour growth & metastases Systemic application of ozone improves o2 availability & o2 supply to the tissue & regulates angiogenesis. At low doses ozone destroys tumour cells in vitro & sensitizes others to chemotherapy. Pre chemo & radiotherapy application Chemo therapeutics & radiation produce cell damage in healthy organs. Applied at low doses prior to radio & chemotherapy, ozone demonstrates a significant protective effect against an excess of free radicals suitable time for performing ozone therapy after successful surgery in patients with the minimal residual disease. In combination with first-line chemotherapy or radiotherapy in both inoperable and surgically-treated patients. There are no contra-indications and actually the improvement of tissue oxygenation can potentiate both chemo- and radio-therapy. 
Ozone therapy may reduce their typical side effects and lead to a better tolerance and outcome.
Anticarcinogenic effects
Ozone destroys tumour cells in vitro & sensitizes others to chemotherapy
a) PMA, Bio-energetic therapy. This combination therapy systems strengthens the immune & the bio-chemical defense system present in the body.
Choice of treatment is very personal and it is their right to demand that they be informed fully (positive & negative effects) about the treatments they are going to receive. We shall respect the patients’ decision. However, the conventional treatment options like chemotherapy, radiation cause devastating side effects, deteriorating quality of health, torturous life and recurrence is a life long threat. Whereas, the alternate therapies are more advisable as they neither cause side effects nor deteriorate the quality of life, they strengthen the immune system. (remove toxins., cease the unregulated growth., induce healthyness in cells.) If you are lucky to have an experienced Doctor, practicing alternate therapies, it works very well, though it takes a long time. These therapies are much more widely used and accepted in Europe and United States, as they support your immune system in fighting off cancer, illness and certainly promote health.
Over 50 years of research has shown that cancer is easier to prevent than cure. Whether preventing cancer or treating it once it has occurred, it is clear that this disease is multifactorial and that treatment necessitates the modulation of multiple pathways and targets. The targeted actions of chemopreventive nutraceutical agents, such as those present in fruits and vegetables, are increasingly being recognized as useful in the therapy of cancer. Among the targets subject to modulation by these agents are activation of apoptosis; suppression of growth factor expression or signaling; down regulation of antiapoptotic proteins; and downregulation of angiogenesis through inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor expression., There is no one simple formula for preventing cancer. But one can be protected in all the ways, for sound health, by judiciously practicing adopting the following simple points which shall be your daily routine
Good life style adaptation which include
a) Organic, wholesome diet (use only sea-salt : 2gms/ a day; Sugar: 5gms/ a day., take seasonal fruits rich in lycopene).
b) Consume at least 8 glasses of filtered water per day.
c) Adopt mind management techniques for stress free life like PMA, Meditation, Yoga, etc.
d) Practice physical and professional activities under non-Hazardous and pollution - free environment.
e) Be health conscious (Physical-Sexual) & maintain standard weight policy.
Use alternatives to cooking utensils made out of aluminum, Instead use pots or pans made out of stainless steel or cast iron. One other possible source of aluminum in breast tissue may be use of underarm antiperspirants. Try to avoid using underarm cosmetics that contain aluminum, sunscreens contain the active ingredient titanium oxide. One problem is that dioxin, a carcinogenic agent linked to increases in breast cancer, is released during its production. sunscreens also contain chemicals that mimic estrogen, endocrine disrupting chemicals are accumulating in both human and wildlife tissues, Old foam mattresses and furniture can contain PBDEs, flame retardants that may be a breast cancer risk factor PBDEs were added to polyurethane foam and various plastics for years, so the chemicals are still found in furniture stuffing, mattresses, foam products (included those marketed for infants and young children) carpet backings, non-clothing textiles, electrical insulation, computers and televisions. Pbde detected in indoor air, outdoor air, household dust, and food. PBDEs are also present in human breast milk, blood, and fat tissue. One source of household exposure to PBDEs may be from tiny pieces of crumbling old furniture and mattresses. PBDEs have been shown to exhibit estrogenic properties Substantial scientific evidence indicates that exposures over time to environmental estrogens can increase risk for breast cancer.
Minimize Car Exhaust: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons -vehicle exhaust are a breast cancer risk factor
PAH are products of incineration founding air pollution, vehicle exhaust (particularly diesel), tobacco, smoke and grilled foods. Exposures to PAHs, especially from vehicle exhaust and gasoline fumes, have been linked with increased incidence of breast cancer in both women and men, don’t smoke! And avoid being close to others who are smoking; second hand smoke is a major source of PAHs. PAHs are also found in the char of heavily grilled meats and fish
Eat Soy (But Not Too Much): Natural plant-based estrogens in soy may provide healthy benefits in low doses, but may be a risk factor for breast cancer in higher doses. Phytoestrogens ----isoflavones genistein (soya beans) ingesting high levels of soy supplements (e.g., genistein pills or isoflavone protein extracts) suggest that this may lead to changes that increase the risk of breast cancer. soy products (soy flour, tofu, etc.) early, as part of regular diet is better
Avoid CT Scans and X-Rays
Some common medical procedures may come with a high dose of radiation, a known cancer risk factor. ionizing radiation are traditional X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, fluoroscopy and other medical radiological procedures.
Check Older Toys
Exposure to phthalates in plastics, present in many older (and not so old) toys and children's products, could be a breast cancer risk factor, Phthalates are chemicals used in manufacturing plastics like the iconic rubber ducky soft and pliable. Many toys, teethers, and other objects created for young children contained phthalates. Avoid Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy If you use HRT, use estrogen-only formulations to avoid a well-documented breast cancer risk factor If you are experiencing hot flashes and other symptoms commonly associated with menopause, be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet and minimize intake of alcohol and caffeine. At the same time, eating vegetables rich in plant estrogens (including soy products like tofu) as part of a balanced diet, along with regular exercise, has been shown to mitigate some of the effects of menopaus, large clinical studies conducted over the past few years have indicated that use of the combination estrogen-progestin hormone replacement called HRT is associated with a significant increased risk for post-menopausal breast cancer. Do not rely on over-the counter hormone substitutes, even those labeled as "natural" as these products may also contain high levels of hormones or hormone-like substances in the absence of the other protective substances found in whole vegetables and vegetable products.
Recycle Batteries
Some batteries and other consumer products contain cadmium, which has been linked to early-onset puberty, a risk factor for breast cancer Cadmium is used as a metal alloy, currently in nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries (used especially for small electronics because of ease of recharging), although until recently it was also widely used in the manufacture of pigments, metal coatings, and plastics. Cadmium is also found in cigarette smoke. Cadmium is an estrogen mimicking chemical that has been linked to early puberty (a known risk factor for breast cancer) as well as differences in mammary tissue structure that has been to be a breast cancer risk factor. For so many health reasons, avoid smoking and breathing in tobacco smoke. In addition to cadmium, cigarette smoke has high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), another source of estrogenic pollutants linked with increased risk for cancer.
Eat Clean Fish: Some fish can be contaminated with PCBs and dioxins, both cancer risk factors, cook using methods such as baking or broiling in a pan with a rack, rather than frying – frying may actually seal some of the toxic chemicals within the remaining fat of the fish.
Be Wary of Dry Cleaning Chemicals: Perchloroethylene PERC, a chemical used by many dry cleaners, and in some carpet cleaners and spot removers, decrease your exposure to PERC, try to buy clothes that don't require dry cleaning avoid spot removers or carpet cleaners that contain PCE.
Use Natural Cosmetics: Some beauty products contain toxic and endocrine disrupting chemicals , toxic chemicals - makeup, shampoos, lotions and other personal care products.
Avoid Bleach and Chlorine: Bleached products, including some tampons and household disinfectant bleaches,. use non-chlorine alternatives to bleach for household cleaning and laundry. Also avoid chlorine bleached paper products.
Use Natural Pesticides: Some chemical pesticides contain endocrine disrupting chemicals harm human health, as well as kill insects and rodents, Several pesticides disrupt natural hormone-signaling pathways when pesticides are applied in the home, they don’t just kill bugs and disappear. Rather they often stick around (for years ) and are found in the air and on the dust we touch and breathe.
Avoid Weed Killers: Herbicides do more than kill weeds. Some may mimic hormones.
Thus, prevention is an integrated approach involving physical, mental and environmental conditions and its adaptability.

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