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DR.SAXENA Integrative Medicine Pvt Ltd
1st floor Mor chambers,
Above Mor Medicals,
Basheerbagh, Hyderabad (A.P.) - 29 
Email : info@healthyheart.in
Dr. Praveen Kumaar Saxenaa is a renowned interventional radiologist based at Hyderabad. With over a decade of experience in the field of ultrasound guided interventions, he groomed himself to focus on non-invasive therapies like, Intravenous Chelation Therapy, Far Infra Red Detox, External Counter Pulsation (ECP), Anti-aging, Ozone Therapies etc His centre aims to clear the lacunae (conventional /mainstream medicine failure) in chronic disease management.
Excerpts from interview
Q. What does the term detoxification mean to you?
Dr. Saxena: It's one of the oldest and certainly most effective healing methods known to man. We have many records of it as far back as 5,000 years ago, perhaps even up to 20,000 years ago. People have known for a long time that detoxification--or cleansing the body of a build up of toxins--was certainly beneficial to their health. It's a known health benefit all over the world, and to me it means clearing out congestion. Especially in the highly toxic, industrial world of today, it means clearing out the toxins in our systems, and it means neutralizing the acid/alkaline balance of our bodies. This is far more important than we may think because an acid system sets up an environment for many diseasesHeavy metal exposure and toxicity is a major influence on health and longevity, but physicians and other health professionals are rarely educated in this area. They are often unaware of the latest scientific findings on toxic metal pollution and exposure and are therefore poorly prepared to advise their patients about sources of exposure and methods of detoxification for optimal well being; or using diet and lifestyle modification as a treatment strategy in the management of heavy metal toxicity. 
The patients are increasingly being exposed to toxic metals that are adversely affecting their health. The Centers for Disease Control and the popular press have been reporting on high levels of lead in children’s toys and cosmetics, high levels of mercury in fish, and high levels of cadmium and arsenic from industrial waste and even in certain herbal supplements. Properly identifying and treating patients with heavy metal exposure is fundamental to good health, yet many doctors lack the basic expertise in Heavy Metal Toxicology to recommend treatment strategies to their patients.
Q. Didn't you have your own health issues that started you down this path?
Yes, I started out with my own personal health challenges. I won't go through the whole story, but in my early 30s I changed to a more holistic approach to health. I educated myself, and began to understand my own digestive problems, toxicity issues & created a path 
Q. Would you say increased allergies are related also?
Yes, and increased asthma in cities where the air pollution is high. So that's why we decided to write about the effect of chemicals on the body, and how it's causing a decline in the digestive system and many health problems. There's two things that are happening to create inflammation in the body: one is poor digestion, and the other is poor absorption--because of the vast amount of chemicals being taken in. And the problem is not just one chemical, or one toxin. We are dealing with the synergistic effect of all of these in our body at one time. Traditional medicine has always said don't worry, the liver filters everything out of the body. However, that's not occurring because you've got too many circulating chemicals that are showing up in amounts that are toxic.
Q. So the liver is inundated?
Here's where the problem occurs: we're deluged with an inflamed digestive tract, too many chemicals coming in that the liver can't handle them fast enough. Now in order for the liver to be able to convert chemicals and get them to leave the body, it needs plenty of nutrients, specifically glutathione, selenium, zinc, your antioxidants, B vitamins, all of these are critical for good liver function. The problem that we have today is many people are on a lot of drugs like acid-blocking medications, and they don't eat good enough foods. Instead they're eating a lot of processed foods, and these foods do not give them the antioxidant and nutrient-support that the liver needs to detox.
Q. Isn't the liver one of the most important organs?
Yes, the liver is extremely important. People think: Well, I don't feel bad. They don't realize that you can have 70% liver impairment without any symptoms. When the liver cannot process a chemical, it will throw it off into fat cells--so people get fatty livers. That's why one of the fastest growing diseases in India is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Q. Don't toxins also get stored in the brain?
Yes, that's the other thing that can happen, and that's why we're seeing a connection between mercury and multiple scleroses. Toxins are also stored in the central nervous system, and in any of the fatty tissue in the body. The fat soluble chemicals love fat, so they will go to areas in the body where there's fat cells and be stored. So the body becomes more and more toxic as people gain more weight.
Q. You've written that toxins can actually contribute to weight gain. Can you explain why?
When you have a lot of toxins in your body, first of all it slows down your metabolic rate, and second of all, it slows down your ability to feel full, so you overeat. The key is cleaning up the bloodstream, because the bloodstream's what feeds the organs, and what the liver's doing is filtering the blood. The liver becomes more fatty when people cannot detoxify, and the main reason for that is they are nutrient deficient. One in four women here have hypothyroidism, and one of the main reasons is they're selenium deficient. The reason people cannot get chemicals out of their body fast enough, and the liver cannot filter them, is the liver does not have enough nutrients in order to take those fat soluble chemicals and water soluble chemicals and repackage them in a way they can leave the body.
Q. You stated that as much as two thirds of all cancer cases may be linked to toxicity.
Right, because if the digestive tract is weak and the liver's not functioning well, then a person develops a problem wherever they're genetically predisposed. Some people develop autoimmune problems like diabetes or colitis disease. Someone who has a tendency for inflammation will develop arthritis, or fibromyalgia, or allergies. It depends on the individual. Once they have a declining digestive tract, and once the liver isn't functioning well and can't detoxify the chemicals, then they're going to develop problems where they've got genetic predisposition in many cases.
If you look at every single disease, it probably has some relationship to chemicals in the environment. For example, there is a chemical in air pollution that interacts with LDL cholesterol and increases your risk of heart attack and stroke. People who have been exposed to arsenic and dioxins have a higher risk of diabetes. That's because in those fat cells are stored your fat soluble chemicals. And that's why a lot of times when people begin to lose weight, they feel more sluggish for a good period of time.
Q. How big of a problem do you think household cleaners pose as a toxin source?
In general, your inside air is 10 times more toxic than your outside air, and that's because of several things. First, there's your outgassing of furniture and carpet. Then, depending on what kind of lights you're using, there's outgassing of mercury. Then there's the home cleaning chemicals, which is probably a good 25-30% of the problem. I think this is something that's very easy for people to change. I use a lot of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in cleaning. I actually make my own soft scrub. It's really, really a good idea for people to go through their cabinets and get all of that toxic stuff out of the house.
Q. What are the most important supplements people should take regularly?
I think a multi-vitamin is important, and a probiotic, and an essential fatty omega-3 fish oil. I think those are critical for everyone.
Q. Some conventional doctors have a mechanistic attitude and see our bodies as just machines needing to be fixed. Doctors like this will often counsel their patients to stay away from alternative therapies. Does this inhibit your work?
Yes, it really does inhibit the work and it's a problem. Actually, the biggest interference comes from conventional medical and radiation oncologists, because there's been a long-standing bias in the cancer community that antioxidants (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, beta-carotene, etc) can interfere with the treatments for cancer. They feel that antioxidants that are recommended for fighting cancer can somehow block the effects of the radiation and chemotherapy that they're providing. And so, almost across the board, oncologists will tell their patients not to do any of that stuff because it can possibly make the cancer worse. But there's not a shred of evidence anywhere that this is true! There's several good articles that have been published reviewing all of the individual studies that have been done, and in the vast majority of cases the alternative treatments, including using antioxidants, have no negative effect on the cancer treatment. In fact, they often improve the patient's quality of life while they're going through chemo and radiation treatments by staving off some of the side effects. In some cases, it's actually been shown that alternative treatments enhance things so that people have better outcomes.

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